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Gabriel Angelos is the present Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens Chapter the Space Marines. He is very strong after losing his right eye, left arm and both legs in the battle against the Daemon Prince of Maledictum, an ex-captain Master of Blood Ravens, Azariah Kyras.

Early Life Edit

Like most Blood Ravens Gabriel was born on the planet of Cyrene, where the Chapter drew army recruits from the Blood Trials. Gabriel passed the Blood Trials set by the Blood Raven Chaplains through working in the planet Tandem with his friend Isidor Akios.


Many years later, with an entire company of Blood Ravens under Gabriel's command. Gabriel returned to Cyrene, to recruit new members into the chapter from the Blood Trials. Gabriel noticed something very wrong during the trials and sent a coded signal out of Cyrene's system. A couple of months from when the signal was launched, a Imperial Navy ship appeared over Cyrene, distroying and bombarding everything until there was nothing left. Gabriel carries the shame and guilt of what he done to his Home world.



Captain Gabriel Angelos Dawn of War

On Tartarus Gabriel had to undergo the true test. He had to stop an unstoppable Ork invasion and at the same time findout about the Chaos Alpha Legion forces on the planet also known as the Chaos Marines, led by Lord Bale (captain) and Sindri Myr. The Chaos forces were searching for a ancient artifact called the Maledictum. Gabriel executed Isador for heresy and lead the Blood Ravens against Chaos. He defeated Lord Bale in a duel defeat Sindri with the Maledictum to become a Daemon Prince. Gabriel destroyed the Maledictum after the battle thinking that it would get read of the Chaos threat but it released a great warp daemon from its prison Farseer Macha warned Angelos not to destroy the ancient artifact Maledictum but he ignored the adive.

Dawn Of War 2Edit

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Gabriel plays a very short role in Dawn Of War II. The main role is given to the Force Commander in the Dawn Of War 2 campaign. He appears in the latter half of the campaign to advise the player when Captain Davian Thule was incapacitated in a Dreadnought. Gabriel appears as a controllable unit in the last mission of the campaign still carrying his weapon the Daemon Hammer he received from Tartarus early on in the series.

Gabriel is metioned in Dawn Of War 2 as a hero of the Blood Ravens like in every other game.