Kaurava 4

Kaurava 4 is the last planet in the Kaurava system. It appears in Dawn of War SoulStorm. The forth game in the series. With Kaurava 1, 2 and 3. Kaurava 1 and 2 have moons next to the planets Kaurava 3 does not have a moon. In the Dawn of War SoulStorm campaign you have a number of different factions for you to choose from. The game is based for one faction to win in the end by elimination for the Kaurava planet.

In the Dawn of War SoulStorm campaign there is only two factions on Kaurava 4 those factions are the Dark Eldar and the Chaos.

Kaurava 4 MoonEdit

On Kaurava 4 moon there is only one faction on it like the rest of the Kaurava moons. The faction that is on the 4th moon is the Dark Eldar.


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And if the Dark Eldar defeat the Chaos they own Kaurava 4. Then the rest of the factions that are left fight for the planets till one faction wins.